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Why choose Obenauf's?

• Obenauf’s Leather Oil and Heavy Duty LP are true natural preservatives. No harmful softeners nor sealers that damage leather.

• Our Beeswax/Propolis Suspension Formula provides a time release lubrication of natural oils over an extended period of time.

• Propolis is an anti-bacterial tree resin, collected by honeybees to waterproof and disinfect their hives. It provides a natural barrier against chemicals (salt & body acids), mold, mildew and bacteria.

• Combined with Beeswax, Propolis will repel water better and longer than other water repellants.

• Obenauf’s continually receives highest ratings in extensive field tests by outdoorsmen and outfitters.

What are the Benefits of Proper Leather Care?

Service Life—Extending the life of any leather item with a true preservative is a wise investment.

Comfort—Leather items are softer & flexible when restored with the best, natural oils.

Durability—Leather is strong & resilient, provided it is nourished and protected to keep it from cracking.

Economical—Your greatest benefit is enjoying your favorite boots longer than before.

Ease the ‘Break-In’ Time—New boots hurt your feet! Treat 'em right out of the box to reduce or eliminate the break-in period.

The Leather Research Laboratory rated Obenauf’s #1 Overall in 9 different comparative tests with other products.

o Resistance to perspiration
o Dynamic water penetration
o Static water penetration
o Scuffing and abrasion
o Premature cracking
o Stitch tear
o Mold and mildew
o Parching due to heat