Caring For Leather Boots with Gortex

Image of a Nubuck Boot with Gortex and Rubber RandsCaring for leather boots with GoreTex liners.

We have had a lot of questions regarding the use of our conditioners and preservatives with regard to them being safe on inner liners. For 20 years our products have been used on all types of boots with a variety of liners and we have never had a bad experience. Since the leather provides a natural barrier to the liners, conditioners that are applied to the surface have little effect on the inside liners. And if they do get wet, it doesn’t hurt the liner fabric or its usage.

Proper leather care:

This requires products that are inert non-caustic and can be safely used on many man-made materials both on the outside of boots as well as the liners on the inside. Since our products use beeswax as a natural waterproof-er it allows both the leather as well as the synthetic materials to breathe without harming them or their intended uses.

Liners, membranes and interior surfaces provide a variety of comfort in today’s boots and shoes. Unlike the old days when boots were made of leather with cloth interiors, and we didn’t have to worry about the boot dressings that we used, today customers need to be very careful when applying many of the conditioners on the market since they contain paraffin, mink oil, solvents, chemical propellants etc. that can have lasting, detrimental effects on the liners and the leather. Obenauf’s stays current with the materials used in boots today and have found our products to work in harmony with all of them on the market.

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