Treating Animal Scratches on Leather Furniture

Caring for animal scratches on leather furniture.

We receive many questions about cat and dog scratches on leather furniture and how to take care of them. To begin with you must understand the nature of a scratch on leather.   Leather is made up of many epidermal layers that get dyed during the coloring process and a claw will scratch down into these layers.  If the scratch is so deep that there is no dye color this creates the light scratch color that is unsightly.   Applying a leather oil (Obenauf’s) will bring the upper layer colors down in to the scratch and in essence “re-dye” that deep cut.   This will recolor the scratch and condition the exposed leather, but it will not seal the cut in the leather.   For most people this is a good solution and produces acceptable results.

Using Colored Glues to Hide Animal Scratches in Leather

There are colored glues on the market that will attempt to hide the scratch itself, but most of them will not match the color exactly and will leave a slight bump on the surface. If you can almost hide the scratch through oiling and not deal with the repair of the scratch, then it is a better solution.  If the scratch has actually cut the leather then professional repair will be needed.

Primary Care Issues for Leather Furniture

Leather Furniture Care:  Three Primary Care Issues

Proper leather furniture care – leather furniture is plagued by three primary care issues:

  1. Leather slowly dries out and will crack if not treated with a leather conditioner.
  2. Color fading occurs when leather dries out. This is often uneven and makes the furniture look multi-colored.
  3. Heavy use,  dog and cat scratches, scuffing, and general wear and tear.

Whatever your treatment and protection plan for your leather furniture, make sure you are addressing these three critical issues.

Unlike cloth or micro-fiber furniture, leather furniture requires continuing maintenance to keep the furniture looking nice.  Obenauf’s Leather conditioner and preservative will take care of all three of the problems listed above and does not require two or three separate products to keep your furniture looking like new.  The seed oils in Obenauf’s replenish the natural oils of the animal’s hide and will keep it from cracking, this same oil will also rejuvenate the original colors in the pigments and the faded areas will blend back into the original dark areas of the leather.  Scratches and scuffs will darken and disappear through the same process and the oil will protect against future scratches since the leather will not break down when rubbed due to dryness.

Beeswax Creates a Protective Shield to Protect Your Leather Furniture

The beeswax in Obenauf’s will remain in the leather and create a protective shield that will protect against spills, body oils, tanning creams and all varieties of liquids to keep the leather from staining or darkening.  The beeswax will also allow the furniture to breathe and will not seal off the pores which is very bad for leather and will create dry conditions and cracking over time.  A Leather Oil treatment should be administered at least twice per year depending on climate and whether the furniture is in direct sunlight and this will extend the beauty and life of your furniture for years to come.