Obenauf’s is truly in a class of its own for protecting leather in harsh and volatile environments. In Seattle/Puget Sound my boots are continually exposed to mud then cab floor heat all day.
…by using Obenauf’s this first full year I have saved $200 by going from two pair of work boots to one. Thank you.

Tim A.
Dump Truck Driver
Redmond, Washington

Is Obenauf’s the best boot grease in the world? Read the Obenauf’s review in Wildland Firefighter Magazine!
I would like the largest container of Obenauf’s Heavy Duty Leather Preservative you carry… I must say that in my 15 years of wildland firefighting, your product is by far the best I have used. I am telling my friends here at BLM about your product.

Albert S.
Fire Station Manager
Surprise BLM
Cedarville, Ca. 96104

I have a 10 year old leather sofa from Thomasville, and loveseat, and chair, the sun has faded them so much from the original I thought to have an estimate of restoring the furniture, the company wanted 2500.00 to restore!(one sofa) I thought what have I got to lose, so I tried your product on it and oh my goodness! I am in heaven, it is an unfinished leather and looks so rich now! I am planning on buying gallons to finish the rest. I have tried the 50.00 small thomasville leather cleaner, restorer, to no avail, your product is the best I have ever tried! You wouldn’t believe the difference, thank you!

Carol L.
Loveland, CO

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results of using your leather oil on two 30 year old leather sofas. The leather was very dry, stiff and discolored from the sun. With one application of your Leather Oil the leather looked much better. It took 4 applications to achieve what I was looking for, but it was totally worth it, now the sofas look, smell and feel like a million dollars. I attached a picture where you can see what the leather looked like before application, after one application and finally after 4.

Thank you for your great products.

Maria E.

I purchased an $11,000 Ralph Loren leather chair and ottoman at a big discount. It was a floor sample. I hired a professional to come to the house to “polish” it at a cost of $100+. It came OK.

A couple of weeks ago to my wife’s dismay I decided to redo the chair with your leather oil. The difference was astounding … it looks like a different chair- it looks spectacular.

I thought that u would like to know that.

Patrick C., MD
N. Caldwell, NJI was detailing two well used motorhomes. The first coach had cream colored leather pilot chairs, couch, recliner, and dash. The second coach had hunter green leather chairs and dash. I put two coats of your LEATHER OIL on as directed – one hour apart. WOW! I could not believe how beautifully it restored the leather. It shined and felt so soft it looked new.

Robyn B.
Motorcoach Maintenance
Foretravel Northwest, Inc.

I’ve been riding motorcycles over 50 years. I’ve used almost every lotion, cream, oil, etc. on the market and was not satisfied with any. I’d condition my leather prior to a three week ride and when I’d return they needed to be done again. Recently I tried Obenauf’s LP and Oil. all I can say is WOW! This stuff works great! Now, after a 3,000 mile trip they’re just as supple as when I left.

Reuben W.
Fremont, CA

Our living room furniture is leather and just seemed to lack it’s original luster. Obenauf’s leather oil restored it to pristine condition immediately. I’m getting a little old and dry myself. I wonder…..

William M.
Roselle, NJ

The following is an exerpt from the Russel Moccasin Co. website article, Hints For Successful Scentless Bow Hunting. Read the entire article on their great site by clicking here.

Prior to the bow season, treat your Russell Scent Control Bow Hunter boots with two liberal applications of Obenauf’s Heavy Duty LP, (Leather Preservative). It is a 100% natural, nearly odorless, durable waterproofing. Its unique suspension formula lasts longer and continually, (gradually), releases natural oils into the leather. Allow the sun to work the first application of Obenauf’s into the leather. Work the second application of LP into the leather using a 1,200 to 1,800 watt hair dryer to aid penetration and increase waterproofing. Obenauf’s is a blend of natural oils with Propolis, which is tree resins gathered by honey bees to weatherproof their hives. It contains no petroleum or silicone, both of which are unnatural odors. Obenauf’s is made from natural products so it smells like the outdoors. Obenauf’s LP is recognized by more professional outfitters as the ideal boot dressing waterproofing due to its natural smell. Renew as needed during the season. After you have treated your boots, we recommend that you set them outdoors in a sheltered area where they won’t get wet for several days, allowing them to take on a natural outdoors smell and to spray them two or three times with Scent Killer while they are seasoning outdoors.

From Rob Evans’ Hints for Successful Scentless Bow Hunting.

Hi there,

I would like to thank you guys for the great Leather Oil… I’ve used it on several lambkin jackets and it did a very spectacular job!

Derek C.
Euclid, OH
After working outdoors for 50+ years, I’ve finally found a product that works! Thank you… from an old worn-out game warden, forest ranger, and outdoorsman.

Neil B.
Dunbar, Pennsylvania

We tested Heavy Duty LP on motorcycle gloves, boots, and a leather jacket. Immediately we noted enhanced condition of the leather…even weeks later they remained pliable and exceptionally waterproof.

The Leather Oil restored a tired and neglected black leather jacket to near showroom condition. For boots, the conditioning and waterproofing effect of the Oil was also splendid, but did not last as long as the Heavy Duty LP.

Both are a good value for preserving what, for most riders, is their second-most expensive investment. We recommend Obenauf’s Leather Oil for any light-duty boots in your motorcycle wardrobe, as well as for gloves, jackets, and leathers. For more severe conditions, the Heavy Duty LP is still the preferred treatment. Used together, they present a good total leather care system for the motorcyclist.

Motorcycle Consumer News
Firefighting on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi is extremely tough on boots. I almost always end up slopping along a fire lane, constructed by a tractor plow unit, in lots of mud and water. Before using Obenauf’s, my boots did not last two years. Obenauf’s brought new life to an old pair, and then they lasted four years.

Mark J.
Mississippi Forestry Commission
Obenauf’s preservatives go on easy, absorb well, preserve leather, and repel water, making them great leather boot care products. The best we’ve seen and the only one we recommend.

Nick’s Custom Boots
Spokane, Washington

I have used Obenauf’s LP on my saddles for eight years. It gives excellent protection, especially where leather comes in contact with the sweat. LP leaves a nice finish, particularly on sanded rough-out leather.

Peter Gorrell
Custom Saddlery
Darby, Montana

I’ve used LP in very rough conditions. One hunting trip with relatives in Wisconsin was constant snow, slush, and mud. They had various water repellents and after three weeks they were all sold on LP. None of their products could hold a candle to my LP.

Duwayne B.
Kennewick, Washington

Hello Staff as Obenauf’s Online,

I am a repeat customer of your wonderful product. As a hobby, I collect boots and as such I would like to purchase a larger quantity of your product. I now have well over 100 pair of boots and desparately in need of Obenauf’s !!! I have vintage boots in almost every conceivable leather including alligator, lizard, anteater, shark, python, ostrich, mule, deer, calf, kangaroo, elk, caribou, etc.

While it may not be considered a selling point within the context of your great product, this might amaze you…. After reading the information how a quality boot conditioner must be akin to a good skin conditioner….I tried using Obenauf’s LP as a moisture conditioner on my hands. When it proved to be fantastic at that I reasoned that it might be good for an old, thin haired guy like me to use it as a hair conditioner…..it is a WONDERFUL hair conditioner!!! Strange, but true!!! It moisturizes dry, brittle hair and leaves no sticky residue!! (Like I said, probably not the thing to advertise in the context of a boot conditioner, but it nevertheless sure does show how great the product is!!!!)

Tim S.
Pope Valley, CA

I got my shipment of Obenaufs a few days ago (it was shipped very fast-thanks) and I have had a chance to use it on several of my many leather articles. I must say, I am very impressed. I put the oil on my leather jacket, and it worked phenomenally. The leather seems so nourished, smooth, and pliable. It works 10 times better than the questionable products they sold to me at the store where I bought the leather jacket. Thank you for being patient and answering my many questions. You see, for years I have gone from one leather care product to the next, and its great to find one that I can stick with, hopefully for many years to come. I’ll keep you updated on my adventures with Obenaufs.


I just returned from three days of pheasant hunting in South Dakota. My Obenauf prepared Danner hunting boots did the trick. I found this pair of very expensive and very abused Danner boots at a garage sale with my wife three years ago. I gave $5.00 for them. The leather was an absolute mess. The guy had destroyed them working on a ranch and even pouring concrete. After cleaning them ten times with every type of cleaner I could find and a stiff brush, I set about restoring the leather with Obenauf’s LP. This gooey paste gets down into the leather and “fixes” it. The stuff is like some kind of voodoo medicine potion. I next wrote to Danner and bought new insoles and laces and BINGO I had “new” boots. The boots cleaned up really nicely and I’ve used them three seasons in the field. I wish I had taken pictures of the before because you\’d never know it looking at the after.

I have used your product for years on my boots and hunting gear. My website is www.theduckstrap.com. I make the highest quality 12 loop leather game strap on the market and recommend your product whenever customers want to know how to keep The Duck Strap in shape.

Mark Schafer
North Platte, NE

I have had the chance to use the LP over a period of a few months on some boots that get hard use here in the arid lands of Tajikistan in Central Asia. I am a special agent with the Bureau of Diplomatic Security currently serving as the assistant regional security officer at our embassy here in Dushanbe. Fortunately, in spite of the generally crappy conditions here we do have a link up with the Internet. I got the boot grease sent to me right before I shipped out from home in Louisiana in July. I’m using it on three different pairs of boots that I rotate on a daily basis. They do take a beating in the environment here but I’m finding that the Obenauf’s is working very well to keep them serviceable. I even use it on my dress shoes since I’m more concerned with having them survive two years here than being spit shine bright.

Obenauf’s is first rate and the best leather preservative I’ve ever come across. It works great in the dry heat, dust and filth of this country. The difference between Obenauf’s and other leather “protectors” is marked. Obenauf’s is superior. Thanks for such a good product.

Jim Falgoust
Vacherie, LA

Dear Mr. Obenauf,

I want to express my thanks to you in developing these great products. I sell footware for Sportsman’s Warehouse and recommend your product every chance I get. Thanks for make my job so much easier.


Joseph Hoerner
Sioux Falls, SDHello Obenauf’s,

Today applied your leather oil to my leather furniture. I love the effect as it has really helped to restore newness to my 10-year-old sofa and chair, which receives heavy traffic. However, one of my dogs seems attracted to the scent and I caught her licking areas that had just been applied.

I’m relieved to know that Obenauf’s is pet safe. Her attraction to the oil did stop once it had soaked into the leather for a while, and she never got sick. I guess any of us, human or canine, would get sick if we ingested large amounts of oil no mater how safe it is!

Chattanooga, TNThank you for such a fine product, it’s nice to see a boot oil that is Gore-Tex safe. I use your product on my Danner boots and my Red Wing boots and your product is superior to Red Wing’s products and Danner’s product’s.

Thank you!
M. Fenza

Another note from Matthew a year later!
To Obenaufs. I now own 6 pairs of Wescos, 4 pairs of Whites, and 2 pairs of Nicks custom boots. Some of these boots are 2 years old and they still look like the day I had taken them out of the box with no sign of wear on the leather. Thank you for making a superior product.

P.S. I forgot my four pairs of Danner boots too that I use your product on. My sister Lynn brought a second gallon for me for Christmas, that was best gift she had given me in 25 years!

Thank you!
M. Fenza

Well, I’ll tell you, You have a great product. Good for lips, cold sores, I use it on cuts occasionally- propolis being anti bacterial, makes a pretty good gun wax too- keeps water out and prevents rust and I’ve even rubbed it into wooden gun stocks. All that plus protects your boots and leather. Sounds more like “Obenauf’s Wonder Grease.” Keep up the good work.

Bill Dallmeyer
Craftsbury, Vermont

Never have I found a more useful product than the LP. I use it on leather, gun stocks and barrels, my skin, even use it as a lube in reloading cartridges. Try sizing 12 ga. all brass shotshells and you will see why. Tell everyone who will listen about the WONDER LP. Thanks for producing it for us little people. FANTASTIC STUFF. For sure a lifetime devotee.

Bill V.
Murphy, Oregon

Thank you for your quick response. I tried what you said and it worked great! Thank you for you excellent product and excellent customer service…even via internet.

Scott J.

In addition to doing a fine job of preserving my work boots, I find that your Heavy Duty LP also does a wonderful job of preserving the leather that covers my hands. I don’t know if you’d recommend this useage, but Obenauf’s works even better than Bag Balm in treating work-chapped hands.

Tim H.
Napa, CA

I bought your product to oil up my boots and tack. But I also found another use for it. After thrououghly cleaning my mouse, it still wouldn’t roll to the left. I dabbed a tiny bit of obenauf’s on one of the rollers inside the mouse and it works like new now! Great stuff! I knew it was gonna really help my boots and that ( brought back the original color even ) but I had no idea it was good for computers! HAHAH!

Dianne K.
Kalispell MT

Obenauf’s features the best leather products I have ever used. Since I own a collection of over 100 old (collectible) baseball gloves, I depend on Obenauf’s to keep my keepsakes soft, pliable, and protected.

Michael J. Smith

I stumbled across your product on several custom boot websites. I read several testimonials about your product and thought I would give it a try. After trying for years to properly condition my boots with other products (with no luck) I decided why not give your product a try. Well to say the least I was most impressed! I am a firefighter and I know a quality product when I see one. I have just made my second order and will continue to order your fine product.

Thanks, Ron Williams
Canton, GA

The other night at the Firehouse a fellow Sergeant was Dressing his boots with your products. I told him that I was looking for something to clean and condition my leather Cairns helmet and he did not hesitate to show me your fine products. I applied your cleaner and oil to my Natural leather helmet and the results were astounding, the natural color of the leather just jumped out at you and the improved condition of the helmet was very noticeable. We in the Fire Service are a tough bunch to impress when it comes to a new product. I would like to let you know that you have found a loyal customer and “Thank You For a Very Fine Product.”

Steve W. Cook
Ball Ground, GA

Hello!I have been using LP Oil on all of my leather products for some time now. I wished I would of used LP Oil on my new Red Wings a couple years ago. From someone’s recommendations, I purchased Lexol to care for my boots. What a MISTAKE! It ruined the Gore-Tex in the boots and I could not use my Red Wings without having wet feet. Forget the recommendations for other products! I WILL keep LP Oil by the gallon- IT Works!

B. Keatley
Salem, OR

What I need to know is where there is a dealer in my area where I can purchase your boot grease. Your grease is the best I’ve used, and I’ve tried a bunch of them.

J. E. Sheppard, Logger
Hood River, OR

I’ve sold Obenauf\’s for eleven years. It is far better than any other product we’ve worked with. It strengthens as well as protects all our leather and keeps it from cracking. And it’s great for my dry skin!

Liz J.
Nampa, ID

Thanks for your help. Your product is excellent and my jacket looks great!

Roger Webb, Utah

I can’t believe that I found you on the internet. My wife just used the last of the Obenauf’s LP that we got in Moscow, ID 5 years ago while in graduate school. It is the best! Just restocked up!

Barry M.
Andover, NJ

I just received my order of Heavy Duty Lp and Leather oil and I am throughly impressed. It is without the finest leather protector and conditioner I have ever used. I am using your Heavy Duty Lp on my Irish Setter boots and also on my Redwing 1178 boots, it is much superior to the Redwing boot oil I have been using which did not last. I am using your Leather Oil on my Filson wallet and all of my gun leather. I’m telling you after trying all different kinds of leather treatments you guys have everyone beat hands down.

Andy D.
Houston, TX

I am so glad I have found your web site! I was given a container of your Heavy Duty LP Leather Preserve years ago with a a boot purchase. Since then I have used it on about every leather product I own! The store I got it from has since went out of business. I just placed an order and have also passed along the web address to friends I have introduced the product to over the years.


Keegan D.
Renton, WA


I just received your Boot Care Kit, I think it’s such a great value for only $15.95 delivered. My delivery address is my work address, I could not wait to get home and apply the LP to my Brand New $200 pair of Ecco Tracks.

After Applying the LP, the Boots looked great!, Another Bonus was the 72″ laces that came with the Kit, My original Laces are only 60″, they are way to short for a size 14 boot.

I can’t wait to apply the LP to all my leather Products. Thanks so much for this great product at such a great price.

Sal Cameli

We returned Sunday from our CMA rally to find Obenauf’s already delivered to our door! As exhausted as we were (riding 400 miles in 101 degree hot smothering heat), I could not wait to try the Heavy Duty LP. I already know Obenauf’s is what I have needed all along! Tonight, I’ll get to the leather seats, etc. on our Harley (Ultra Classic). The jacket that started all this is being resewn by a leather craftsman and I can’t wait to get Obenauf’s on the leather. Thank you very much for a product that really works and does not harm the stitching – and – thank you for an incredibly efficient website and staff. I’ve never had something work out so successfully and so quickly. Thank you.

Krystin T.

Our leather couch and love seat was discoloring in certain areas from my husbands own body oil and the sun which was aging and discoloring the back of it badly. I was looking for way to darken the rest to match. I received my gallon of your leather oil and I am so pleased with the results. It is even more beautiful than when we first purchased it 3 years ago. Thank you so much! You saved my funiture! I will highly recommend to others.


The Paces
Bellingham, WA


My grandfather Will Street was a famous saddle maker and made saddles for Buffalo Bill Cody and others. He was from Porterville, California. The attached picture -Buffalo Bill with rifle and saddle- That is the saddle my grandfather made. (we know this for a fact) My father taught me when I was young the importance of proper leather care. I have used all the major products and nothing I have seen even comes close to the effectiveness of your LP preservative.

Thanks, Jeff Street

P.S. I got my order today, thanks!