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Heavy Duty LP 4 oz
Heavy Duty LP 4 ounce protects leather work boots worn in extreme conditions
The Only Industrial Strength Leather Protection!


Protect your boots from the elements!

  • Approximately every 6 to 8 weeks, apply lightly by hand.
  • Repels water, acids, petroleum, salt, and chemicals.
  • Restores dried & sun-faded leather.
  • Prevents dry rot.
  • Resists mold, mildew, and bacteria.
  • Resists scuffing, abrasion, stitch tear, and premature cracking in flex areas.
  • Odorless after applied (will not spook game).
  • Contains no harmful solvents, petroleum, or paraffin.
Our Price: $9.99

Product Code: HEAVY-DUTY-LP

Description Technical Specs

This 4 ounce jar is a handy size for taking on a trip. For tall leather boots, 4 ounces should provide 4 applications. Best when applied by hand as body temperature melts the beeswax providing better absorption and even coverage.

Heavy Duty LP (Leather Preservative) is the best leather conditioning available. Heavy Duty waterproofs, preserves, restores, and conditions leather shoes, boots, saddles, motorcycle leathers, tool pouches, leather sports gear, and more. It provides industrial strength protection for leather that gets exposed to harsh environments.

  • Three natural oils are suspended in Beeswax and Propolis creating a smooth cream. In the leather these oils gradually seep out of the Beeswax/Propolis* Suspension Formula. If exposed to heat or flexing the oils are released faster so leather gets oiled when and where it needs it most. This Beeswax/Propolis* Suspension Formula provides a time release lubrication to inner fibers, reinforcing the surface against scuffing and abrasions, while still allowing the leather to breathe.

    *Propolis is an antibacterial tree resin that resists bacteria and mold. It is a barrier against body acids, salt, and caustic chemicals. Combined with beeswax it will repel water better and longer.

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