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Vehicle manufacturers use leather to benefit from its long lasting and luxurious properties. For preservation, finding quality automotive leather care products is key. For 30 years, Obenauf’s all natural ingredients have restored, protected, and extended the service life of quality leather in cars, planes, antiques, RV’s, boats and motorcycles. For most automotive leather care needs, we recommend our leather oil.
Apply Obenauf’s Leather Oil with the provided lamb’s wool dauber or a clean cloth. Allow no more than 1 hour for penetration and buff off excess, as not all areas will absorb equally. A second application is necessary for old, dried leather.

Some automotive leather can be conditioned, cleaned, and restored all at the same time using Obenuaf’s Leather Oil. To clean, apply oil while agitating gently with a soft bristle brush or cloth in a circular motion over a small area at a time. Dirt and grime will be softened and lifted from the pores of the leather. Then, wipe clean with a soft cloth. Heavier soiled areas will require more treatments. Leather is cleaned, restored, and protected with just one product! Or, clean with our leather cleaner, Cleanit, before conditioning.

Is Your Automotive Leather Real or Artificial?

Make sure your automotive interiors are real leather before any applications. Do not use Leather Oil, Heavy Duty LP, or Water Shield on vinyl or artificial leather, because they will not absorb, but will cause build-up.

Leather Oil, liquid leather conditioner bottles Leather Oil
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Cleanit Leather Cleaner 16 ounce Bottle with Trigger Sprayer CLEANIT 16 oz
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Leather Care Combo Containing: 8 ounce Heavy Duty LP, 16 ounce Leather Oil, 16 ounce Leather Cleaner Leather Care Combo
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