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3 Step Process

The Three Steps to Leather Care Success: Preserve, Protect, and Restore.

Obenauf’s offers a complete line of leather care products for any environment and use.

Our philosophy is simple:

1. Preserve the essential oils in your leather.
2. Protect your leather from water, chemicals, and the elements.
3. Restore you leather to its natural state.

Preserve: We use only natural oils, not cheap petroleum or mink oil substitutes. Natural plant oils, anti-bacterial resin and unbleached beeswax will extend the service life and comfort of leather.

Protect: Leather needs to breathe and remain flexible to be comfortable and remain resilient to use and abuse. Leather can last a lifetime and is found in museums hundreds of years later, still useable. Protection is preservation.

Restore: Periodically applying an Obenauf’s product will return your leather back to its natural state.

Cleaning your leather with mild soap and water or leather cleaner before restoring it will help with the service life of your leather.