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Benefits of Proper Leather Care

Service Life: A true, natural leather preservative is a wise investment. When you can extend the service life of an investment in leather, it will always repay you. Many have avoided a first, second and third replacement of a leather boot, seat cover, sofa, belt and holster, glove, or garment by simply and properly preserving the first one. Many so called care products, conditioners, and water proofers are cheap “quick fixes”, are not natural, and do not preserve your leather. They can actually shorten the service life of the best leather.

Comfort: We invest in leather boots and apparel because it protects us, wears longer, and most importantly, because it’s comfortable to wear. Other leather items, such as baseball gloves, saddles and tack, car seats and furniture, holsters and belts, are usually more comfortable than imitations. Like a true natural leather preservative, it can be imitated but not duplicated.

Durability: Strength and resilience of leather cannot be overstated. It has been used for literally thousands of years and is still the best in most instances where it is being used today.

Economical: It is amazing to hear how many years of service life, and dollars saved, by workers and hunters that simply take proper care to preserve one pair of good quality boots. They easily double or triple the service life from an expensive pair of boots with regular applications of Obenauf’s preservatives. Many only replace soles and heels as the uppers last years longer.

Break In: Treat ‘em before you Beat ‘em! Boots and other leather items have a “shelf life.” At the factory, boots (like other leather articles) are treated for appearance, stored in a dry cardboard box, dry warehouse and a dry store for months or years. As oils dissipate, dry leather gets stiff and is prone to cracking. New boots hurt your feet. Boots, and other leathers, need to be treated right out of the box when new, for protection and to ease the breaking in period. Obenauf’s Leather Oil is referred to as the “Break-In Oil” because it slightly relaxes stiff leather to form fit each foot and ankle and eliminate those first few days of sore feet.