How to Apply


How to Apply

Image of 8 oz. Heavy Duty Leather Preservative (LP)Heavy Duty LP
pplying Obenauf's LP is easy. Apply by hand as body temperature helps melt LP into  damp or dry leather.  For easier application warm LP first or use a hair dryer to speed penetration.   We also highly recommend applying LP and then using a Peet's Shoe Dryer overnight.  Two applications do better and last much longer in severly wet conditions.

Obenauf's Leather Oil
Image of 16 oz. Obenauf's Leather OilApply Obenauf's Leather Oil into the leather using the applicator (included in the bottles), or for larger items use a clean, soft cloth (like a cotton washcloth) in circular motions. When treating furniture, apparel, or other larger leather items, make sure you work out from one corner and gradually cover the entire piece with an equal amount of oil.  

Test carefully in a small, discreet area when beginning this process to make sure you are pleased with the effect. Migration of oil through all fiber layers may take 7 days to show actual final color.  Do not oversaturate the leather -- the only way to determine the correct amount is to work carefully since leather density may vary considerably in different areas due to thickness, dryness, texture, and other factors.

The recommended approach is to apply one treatment, wait a resonable amount of time for it to absorb (2-3) hours, then test for dryness by applying a bit more oil. If it still absorbs easily, you can apply another coat. Always apply at room temperature.  When you are finished with your treatment, let the item set overnight, then buff to remove any excess oil. Buffing will restore the leather to a soft finish.
Image of 16 oz. Obenauf's Watershield
Obenauf's Watershield
Watershield was primarily developed to waterproof fabric for work and hunting clothing.  It can be used on leather as an extra protection but will not help preserve it.

Simply spray it on your items, and, as always, test first in a discrete area to make sure you are pleased with the effect.  Hold the bottle 6 - 12" away from the damp or dry surface and coat in an even, back and forth pattern.  Waterproofing improves and lasts longer with multiple applications (4 or more).  Allow one hour between treatments.

Obenauf's Leather Cleaner
Obenauf's Leather CleanerT
o apply Obenauf's Leather Cleaner you can use either a dry sponge or a soft bristle brush.  Spray directly on the leather, then use a circular motion with a soft bristle brush or sponge until the dirt is lifted.  Wipe clean with a dry cloth.  Repeat for stuborn dirt.  Due to leather's epidermal layers some stains will not come out such as ink, urine, wine etc that seeps completely through the leather.  Test for color fastness in a discreet area and always treat the clean, dry leather with either Obenauf's LP or Oil to preserve  and protect.

Leather Care Guidelines

For maximum LP protection on your boots, apply a second coat.


Test carefully and don't saturate furniture and apparel when using the Leather Oil-- don't over apply!


Melt LP for easier application and/or use a hair dryer after application for faster and better penetration.


Be Cool! Temperatures over 100 degrees can harm your leather! Never heat in oven! 


Remove mud before it drys and draws the oils out.


It's better to apply a liberal protective coating of LP prior to exposure rather than trying to restore leather after it's damaged.


Old Firefighter's Trick: Set your boots in a plastic bag in the sun after a liberal application of Heavy Duty LP.


Oil Leather before storing avoid dry rot, premature cracking, mold, mildew, and bacterial growth.

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