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Motorcyclist leather jacket.Leathers represent a significant investment for the motorcycle enthusiast. Jackets, chaps, pants, saddlebags, seats, and accessories are all expensive items. Items that need to be kept protected from the elements so that they remain supple and waterproof. 

Obenauf's manufacturers four leather care Leather saddlebags.products, Obenauf's Leather Oil, Obenauf's Heavy Duty Leather Preservative (LP), Obenauf's Watershield and Obenauf's Leather Cleaner. These products clean, preserve, restore, and waterproof your leathers from the elements. In addition, our Watershield is also a great solution for waterproofing NON-leather products such as fabric, canvas, rainslickers, etc. It offers the highest silicone content waterproofer available on the market and contains no harmful chemicals that can damage fibers.  Our recommended purchase for Motorcyle Leather protection is our combination package which provides you everything you need for your expensive leathers.

Obenauf's has been independently reviewed by Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN) on two separate occasions. Read on for the independent reviews included below.

Fine leather motorcycle boots.Most leather and boot care products are only temporary water repellents or softeners claiming to "condition" leather. They slough off with flexing or light scufffing, leaving leather dried and unprotected. Most contain chemicals, mink oil, petroleum or pine tar that cause irreparable damage to leather fibers and stitching. 

Motorcylists need something durable that will resist extreme exposure to rain, road salt/chemicals, drying winds, and excessive sunlight while preserving the natural characteristics of fine leather. Obenauf's products do all of these things and greatly extend the useful life of leather. With regular use your investment in all your leather goods will last noticeably longer. Please see our special Obenauf's Motorcycle Packages to see how to use all of these products with your gear or read on to see two independent reviews of Obenauf's products done by Motorcycle Consumer News!


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Motorcycle Consumer News 

Volume 30, No. 4 April, 1999

Obenauf's Heavy Duty Leather Preservative (LP) is a natural product about the consistency of warm bee's wax (one of its ingredients). We tested it on motorcycle gloves, two kinds of boots, and a black leather jacket. 

Motorcycle Leather GlovesIt was readily absorbed by the leather. While it left undyed brown leather somewhat darker and wet looking, it did not alter the look of any colored leather we treated. Gloves were made immediately more pliable, convincing evidence of enhanced conditioning of the leather. Even weeks later, the gloves remained pliable and markedly softer. 

Two pairs of boots also remained pliable and conditioned weeks after application, and, best of all, they were exceptionally waterproof (much better than mink oil, our previous favorite) without being dust magnets. 

We recommend it for motorcycle boots and gloves. 

Obenauf's LP also sells an oil that it recommends for softer leathers such as jackets, which we will also be testing.

--Peter Tavernise

Motorcycle Consumer News

Motorcycle Consumer News Logo.Motorcycle Consumer News 

Volume 30, No. 12 December, 1999


Obenauf's Leather Oil is useful for boots, as well as the full range of leather gear. It is a liquid containing natural ingredients including propolis, a tree resin gathered by bees as a natural waterproofer. The 4 oz. size comes with a handy sponge-and-wire applicator that makes quick work of spreading the treatment on any leather product. The oil goes on as a thin, wet coating, and is readily absorbed. ...if left to dry 24 hours, and especially after multiple applications, treated surfaces can be buffed to a soft shine. 

Fine Leather Jacket for Motorcyclists.A single treatment with the Leather Oil restored a tired and neglected black leather jacket to near showroom condition. For boots, the conditioning and waterproofing effect of the Leather Oil was also splendid, but did not last as long as the Heavy Duty LP. Obenauf's recommends the Oil for in-between applications of the LP. 

The Leather Oil and the LP represent a good value for preserving what, for most riders, is their second-most expensive investment. 

We recommend Obenauf's Leather Oil for any light-duty boots in your motorcycle wardrobe, as well as for gloves, jackets, and leathers. For more heavy-duty applications, Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP is still the preferred treatment. Used together, the two present a good total leather care system for the motorcyclist. 

--Peter Tavernise

Motorcycle Consumer News 

The Obenauf's combination package provides you with the three primary products you will need to protect and preserve your fine motorcycle leathers.  This special cominbation package saves you 10% off the individual purchase prices of these items.

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