Firefighter's Leather


Firefighter's Leather


Forest fire with firefighters.As a firefighter for 34 years, Marv Obenauf ruined quite a few expensive boots long before they had a chance to wear out. He recognized that Firefighters' boots are often in steam, heat, wet ashes (lye), and caustic fire retardants -- literally baking the leather and cooking the boots in lye. Most leather and boot care products are only temporary water repellents or softeners claiming to "condition" leather. They slough off with flexing or light scuffing through brush, leaving leather dried and unprotected. None resist chemicals or heat which is what a firefighter really needs. Most leather treatments contain chemicals, mink oil, or pine tar that cause irreparable damage to leather fibers. Marv spent time researching these problems and the end results are his remarkable products that protect, preserve, and extend the life of all leather items. These products perform especially well in extreme conditions like those experienced by firefighters, police, and other emergency personnel. 

Obenauf's manufacturs four leather care products, Obenauf's Leather Oil, Obenauf's Heavy Duty Leather Preservative (LP), Obenauf's Watershield and Obenauf's Leather Cleaner. These products protect your boots and other leather items from extraordinary stresses imposed by heat, caustic chemicals, water, mud, salt, manure acid and petroleums. Designed to resist the extreme conditions encountered in fighting wildland fires, these products are also ideal for police, military personnel, and all types of emergency workers who depend on their protective boots and gear to stay alive. 

Emergency response vehicle.Emergency response personnel need something durable that will hang in there when the going gets rough (also a common and necessary trait among these types). It needs to resist heat, caustic fire retardant chemicals, moisture, and restore lost oils. Obenauf's LP does all of these things and greatly extends the useful life of leather. With regular use your boots, Leather police jacket.gloves, and other items will last noticeably longer and stay comfortable. Use Obenauf's Leather Oil in between treatments of LP to keep your gear in top notch condition when you are pressed for time, and take advantage of its ease of application to treat larger items such as jackets, pants, the leather seats in your pickup or car, and more.  Read about our special offers that can get you or your agency started with Obenauf's - we offer an institutional-sized special that can outfit entire crews.

LP excels as a waterproofing, snow protection, sweat and salt protection, and lasts much longer between applications. I've put LP to the test during firefighting, ranching, logging, and hunting. LP also protects the leather seals in our pumps!! 


Mike R.

Asst. Fire Warden

Idaho Department of Lands

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Heavy Duty LP 8 oz.

Heavy Duty LP 8 oz.

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Combination Package

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