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Quick Tips for Leather Care

Leather is a skin: Leather has pores that need to breathe with fibers that require natural oils to survive. Sealed off leather cannot breathe and will rot from the inside out.

Dry weather ruins leather: Wind, sun, cleaning and dry air accelerate the loss of oil and dries it out. Since the animal can no longer replace lost oils, we must.

Color loss: Age, sunlight, and wear, fade colored leather and darken bleached (light) leather. Proper oiling will prevent fading as it restores the original tanning colors.

Mold, mildew, and bacteria: These are constantly growing when leather is warm and damp, breaking down fibers. Propolis is an anti-bacterial resin which guards against this damage. Obenauf’s Leather Oil and Heavy Duty contain Propolis which naturally penetrates to help limit mold and mildew.

Unsightly wear: Cracking, scuffing, dry rot and stitch tear can be avoided. Tests have proven that Obenauf’s restores natural oils and reinforces surface fibers against abrasion.