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Motorcyclists have a significant investment in Leathers, which are constantly subjected to wind, sun bleaching, dehydration (cracking), road film, salt, body acids and constant wet/dry conditions. All break down the integrity of leather. These leathers need waterproofing and the protection of the best leather conditioner and preservative to restore and extend the service life.

Jackets, chaps, gloves and vests can be waterproofed and protected with Obenauf’s Leather Oil. However, seats, saddle bags and boots need heavier protection against chemicals in deicers, road film, salt, body acids, heat and water. Heavy Duty LP provides industrial strength protection against these severe conditions, and will restore dried out, neglected leather.

Fabric riding gear can be waterproofed with Obenauf’s Water Shield. Visit our
How To Apply page for further instructions.

The Best Motorcycle Leather Conditioning!