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We are Obenauf's, a leather care products company located in Northern Idaho. We believe passionately in natural quality products and excellent customer service.

Born Of Necessity

Obenauf's story began with Idaho firefighter, Marv Obenauf. Marv noticed his expensive leather firefighter boots were wearing out after only a year or two of use. With the determination to improve the service life of his boots, Marv and his wife Shirley, began researching and experimenting in their garage. They soon developed our Heavy Duty LP made from beeswax, propolis and natural oils, and began testing on his crews boots. From the field-testing, they soon realized they had succeeded in creating a natural leather preservative that kept the leather flexible and protected, resulting in a longer service life!

More than leather preservative, the complete line of Obenauf's products now includes:
  • Heavy Duty LP - For industrial strength leather protection
  • Leather Oil - For dry, moderate conditions and quick touch ups
  • Water Shield - Silicone spray for fabrics, from clothing, to packs and tents
  • Cleanit - Natural linseed oil cleaning solution
  • Industrial Strength Boot Laces - Hand dipped in our oil/wax formula available in the following lengths: 54", 63", 72", 90" and 108"

As the years have flown by, Obenauf's has continued to produce the same quality products and strive hard towards building long-lasting relationships with all of our valuable customers. For over thirty years now, our customers have been our top priority, and will continue to be so. Our goal is to give your leather a longer service life. After all, Obenauf's truly is "Born Of Necessity".


The Obenauf's Team