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As a firefighter for 34 years, Marv Obenauf recognized that firefighter boots are often in steam, heat, wet ashes (lye) and caustic fire retardants which were literally baking the boots. The leather firefighter boots were not lasting near as long as they used to, but were costing much more.

As Marv researched these problems and sought a solution, the real problem became evident. The so-called conditioners, available at that time, were not protecting leather firefighter boots against this severe working environment. Most of those leather treatments (conditioners) contain chemicals, mink oil, or pine tar that seal off the pores and soften by breaking down the fibers (which causes premature cracking). Sealing pores causes a build-up of body acids, which leads to dry rot. These irreparable damages shorten the service life of leather firefighter boots.

With additional input from leather tanneries, boot companies, and a leather research laboratory, Marv developed an industrial strength protection for real conditioning that would also serve as a preservative to restore and extend the service life of leather firefighter boots. He called it Heavy Duty Leather Preservative. And the liquid version, for moderately wet and especially dry dusty conditions, he simply named Leather Oil.

Obenauf’s preservatives provide the best leather firefighter boot care! Designed to resist the extreme conditions encountered while fighting wild-land fires, these products are also ideal for police, military personnel and all types of emergency workers who depend on their protective gear.

With regular use, your leather will last longer and remain comfortable. Use Obenauf’s Leather Oil in between treatments of Heavy Duty LP for quick touch-ups.

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Leather Oil, liquid leather conditioner bottles Leather Oil
Starting Retail Price $13.99
Heavy Duty Leather Preservative Heavy Duty LP
Starting Retail Price $12.99
Leather Care Combo Containing: 8 ounce Heavy Duty LP, 16 ounce Leather Oil, 16 ounce Leather Cleaner Leather Care Combo
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