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Heavy Duty Leather Preservative for Extreme Conditions

Naturally the best protection for your leather! _________ Tested and proven by the Leather Research Laboratory to resist:
*Dynamic and Static Water Penetration
*Scuffing and Abrasion
*Caustic Chemicals, Manure Acids, Salt
*Premature Cracking and Parching
*Mold and Mildew Growth
*Stitch Tear and Dry Rot

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The Best Leather Boot Conditioning

What working condition is more extreme than the welding industry? We are sharing a comment from a satisfied teacher regarding Heavy Duty Leather Preservative. Read the following quote from this welder and his thoughts on the best leather boot conditioning.
Boots in the welding industry are always being subjected to sparks, steel grit, hot-dry climates, chemicals and conditions found when working outdoors. I've worked in the welding trade for 30 years now and have found your product helped my leather work boots last longer in rough conditions!

Five years ago, I started teaching welding at Lewis-Clark State College. Leather boots are required for students to wear for welding in the shop. Many of these students have never heard of putting a preservative on their leather boots. As a result, I started keeping a jar of Obenauf's Heavy Duty Leather Preservative in my desk and give them a 30 second course on how to treat their new boots.

It feels good as a teacher to pass on information to my students about how to take care of their boots in the future using a great product, Heavy Duty Leather Preservative. I also appreciate that you are Idaho based. Thank you!

Lonny Gehring, Welding Technology
Heavy Duty Leather Preservative is Made in Idaho, USA