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Obenauf's® Oil For Moderate Conditions

Natural leather conditioning oils, beeswax, and propolis are blended to create Obenauf's Oil formula for preserving boots, apparel, furniture, saddles, tack, belts, holsters, and more. Excellent for conditioning oil-tanned leathers, especially during the hot, dry summer months to keep leather hydrated. Obenauf's Oil will keep your leather supple, to avoid cracking, and enrich the natural color achieved during the tanning process. True leather conditioning that will restore sun faded, vintage furniture to like new!
Obenaufs Oil

Restore A Leather Sofa With Obenauf's Oil

You may not have to throw away that old sofa you have in storage. Why not try restoring it with Obenauf's oil? See the potential results for yourself from this customers first-hand experience.
I got this beautiful Lane leather sofa off Craigslist for $180 bucks. It's full grain Aniline leather. There was no damage, it was just really dirty and needed to be cleaned and re-conditioned. I bought Obenauf's leather cleaner and Leather Oil, and it turned out incredible!
Jessica L.

leather sofa restored with obenaufs oil