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Approximately every six to eight weeks, condition your boots lightly. Apply by hand as body temperature helps melt it into the leather. Allow 1 hour between treatments and buff off excess. Two applications will last much longer in severely wet conditions. Not recommended for suede if color change is a concern.

Apply Obenauf’s Leather Oil every three to six months using the provided dauber applicator. For larger items use a clean cloth. Allow to absorb for a few minutes, then buff off excess with cloth. When treating furniture, apparel, or larger leather items, work from one corner and gradually cover the entire surface with an equal amount of oil. Not recommended for suede.

Test first in a small, inconspicuous area to be sure you are pleased with the effect. Your leather may darken. Migration of oil through all fiber layers may take 7 days to show actual final color. Penetration will vary as leather density varies considerably in different areas due to thickness, dryness, and texture. Also, absorption depends on what finish has been put on the leather and what products have been applied previously.

The recommended approach is to apply one treatment at room temperature. Wait a few minutes but no longer than 1 hour for proper absorption, and buff to remove any excess oil. You may apply a second application. Do Not Saturate.


Obenauf's Water Shield waterproofs most fabrics and suede. It can be used on smooth leather as an extra protection however, apply only after Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP or Leather Oil. Test in a hidden area if color change is a concern.

Shake the bottle vigorously. Holding the bottle 6 to 8 inches away from the surface, spray in an even crisscross pattern. Two to four applications may be required. Allow 1 hour to cure between applications. Waterproofing improves and lasts longer with multiple applications. After final application, rinse out the sprayer by pumping hot water through it to avoid clogging.


Obenauf’s CLEANIT is a multi-purpose cleaner. Directions for use on leather:

Shake the bottle vigorously. Remove heavy dirt with a soft brush. Spray on entire surface. If necessary, agitate with a soft bristled brush. Rinse or wipe clean. Heavily soiled areas may require soaking for one minute before rinsing. Repeat if necessary. Allow your leather items to dry fully before conditioning with Leather Oil or Heavy Duty LP.


  • For maximum protection on boots, a second application of Heavy Duty LP may be applied for severely wet conditions
  • Test carefully in an inconspicuous area if darkening is a concern
  • Do not saturate any leather when using the Leather Oil
  • Melt the Heavy Duty leather preservative for easier application
  • Be Cool! Temperatures over 100 degrees may harm your leather. Never heat in an oven or near a fire
  • Avoid extreme heat which can cause delamination of the glue bond on footwear
  • Remove mud before it dries and draws the oils out of the leather
  • Clean leather regularly to remove corrosive residues
  • Hang boots upside down and remove boot laces during the drying process
  • It's better to apply a protective coating of leather preservative prior to exposure rather than trying to restore leather after it is damaged
  • Old Firefighter's Trick: Set your boots in a plastic bag in the sun briefly, after applying Heavy Duty LP
  • Oil your leather before storing it to avoid dry rot, premature cracking, mold, mildew, and bacterial growth