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You will find that most questions may be answered by the following onsite articles:

If these articles fail to answer your questions, you may contact us directly at the email addresses listed below.

Are you interested in becoming a qualified re-seller of Obenauf's products?
Please read the following requirements to make sure that you qualify to become a Dealer. Once you have determined that you qualify, email dealers@obenaufs.com

Requirements for a Brick and Mortar re-seller license:
  1. Legitimate Brick and Mortar Store Address
  2. Completed Credit Application Form
  3. Will Sell on Store-Branded Website Only
  4. Completed International Dealer Application (outside of the USA)
You will be asked to supply proof that you meet these requirements along with completed forms before being issued an Obenauf's Standard Brick and Mortar Authorized Re-seller Requirement form.

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