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Heavy Duty LP
Heavy Duty Leather Preservative
Heavy Duty LP Leather Preservative

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Industrial Strength Leather Preservative

  • Provides Industrial Strength Protection to Work Boots
  • Made With Obenauf's Unique Beeswax/Propolis Suspension Formula
  • Beeswax Cream Melts When Applied By Hand & Buffs to a Shine
  • Originally Developed For Wild-land Firefighters Boots
  • Heavy Duty LP (Industrial Strength Leather Preservative) is Proudly Made in Idaho

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Heavy Duty LP

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What Is Heavy Duty LP?
An industrial strength leather preservative paste best used for conditioning full grain leather, top grain, and nubuck. Made with natural oils, beeswax, and propolis to create a smooth cream/paste that melts when applied by hand. The beeswax, in our leather preservative, provides a protective barrier on the outside, while the natural oils are absorbed into the leather. A true leather preservative and conditioner, Heavy Duty LP restores lost oils, provides protection from moisture and dirt while still allowing leather to breathe.

Benefits of using Heavy Duty LP:

  • Repels water, acids, petroleum, salt, and chemicals
  • Restores dried & sun-faded leather
  • Resists scuffing, abrasion, stitch tear, and premature cracking in flex areas
  • Odorless after applied (will not spook game)
  • Contains no harmful petroleum, solvents, paraffin, or mink oil

A Leather Preservative Paste Designed to Protect Work Boots
Our Heavy Duty LP provides industrial strength protection to keep work boots looking like new as long as possible. Applying leather preservative on a regular basis can double the life of most leather work boots used in extreme conditions such as, welding, farming, hunting, hiking, biking, horseback riding, inside factories, and outdoor workers like, lineman, trail builders, firefighters, ranchers, etc.

Don't need to preserve leather boots? Heavy Duty LP resists water, preserves, restores, and conditions leather shoes, belts, holsters, sheathes, saddle bags, tool pouches, and athletic gear. Not just a leather preservative, apply Heavy Duty to clean, warm, cotton oilskin dusters and hats to re-waterproof.

Leather Preservative Originally Developed for Wild-land Firefighters

Originally developed for severe working conditions of Wild-land Firefighters to preserve leather boots and provide heavy duty protection, naturally! Wild-land Firefighters boots are subjected to heat, steam, wet ashes, and fire retardants. If left untreated (without leather preservative), these conditions can ruin expensive boots faster. Obenauf's® Heavy Duty leather preservative paste provides a beeswax barrier to resist heat, chemicals, and moisture while replacing lost oils.

For tips on applying leather preservative, see the instruction videos below provided by Leather Crafter, Woodlander North.

How Much Leather Preservative Should I Apply?
What If I Put Too Much Heavy Duty LP On?
What Is The Best Method For Applying Heavy Duty LP?
How Often Should I Reapply?
    Unique Formula of Heavy Duty LP
    An Idaho Wild-land Firefighter developed this unique Beeswax/Propolis* Suspension Formula to protect leather against caustic fire retardant chemicals, heat, water, and abrasion. Natural oils are suspended in beeswax and propolis creating a smooth, leather preservative cream. On the leather, these oils gradually seep out of the Beeswax/Propolis Suspension Formula. When exposed to heat or flexing the oils are released faster, so leather gets oiled when and where it needs it most, instead of parched and cracked. This Beeswax/Propolis Suspension Formula provides a time release lubrication to inner fibers, reinforcing the surface against scuffing and abrasions, while still allowing leather to breathe.

    *Propolis is an antibacterial tree resin that resists bacteria and mold. It is a barrier against body acids, salt, and caustic chemicals. Combined with beeswax it will resist water better and longer.

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5 of 5 Best Leather Protectant October 12, 2020
Reviewer: Logan from Greencastle, IN United States  
I have used the Heavy Duty LP for 3 years now. I wear Redwing 2408 and 608, and even worked in a stone quarry for about a year. I was the only one at work that treated my boots with both the Leather Oil and HDLP, and my boots never cracked like everyone elses. My boots would last over 2 years! This product does not damage stitching like many other products on the market. The leather is more durable and pliable, i treat them every three months. The Obenauf laces even last years on a pair of boots. I hate not seeing more reviews, because this is a great product! If you own a pair of boots, order a can of HDLP, Oil, and Watershield right now! Wranglerstar sent me :)

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5 of 5 Classic car upholstery March 5, 2019
Reviewer: Wayne Robson classic car restorer from Australia, USA and New Zealand  
I started using Obenaufs LP about 20 years ago while living in US, on Jaguars, Porsche 911, Buicks, Mercedes, after spending hundreds of dollars before that on all products available, found Obenaufs , i was hooked, it is without a doubt the best leather restorer on the market. In some situations with old seats that originally may be removed for good, can be saved and restored back to looking better then  repaired by a shop. In today's classic car sales, original seat is worth more than re-upholstered seats. It is easy to apply and lasts for years, i can honestly recommend  this great product any time. Using many other products i found  they removed the colour, this is bad so i just threw them into the trash. Also, because its so good on autos, i also use it on small  items like, shoes, belts, wallets etc. So don't hesitate to buy your first Obenaufs.

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5 of 5 Perfect February 9, 2019
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Spring Creek, NV United States  
If you're buying boots of any kind, I recommend them. Also, the 128 oz works great for saddles.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 The Best June 29, 2018
Reviewer: Richard Smith from Orem, UT United States  
Obenauf's LP is the best leather protectant ever. I have tried several, and wound up with wet or damaged leather. LP seals against water, protects against dirt and dust, and conditions leather without breaking it down (as mink oil can do).
For example: I have a medical alert (RoadID) bracelet made of leather. I treat it twice a year with two coats of LP. Yesterday, I wore it into a pond to try and retrieve some lost property. I noticed that the water just ran off the leather, and dried quickly.
To apply it, I rub it in generously, and then place the item in a very warm place for a few minutes; (inside a vehicle in the sun, or in the oven at the lowest heat setting), just until the product has fully melted and soaked in. Then I take it out, and apply a second coat while it is still warm, let it soak in for a few minutes, and wipe off the excess. Works wonders.
LP makes my shoes and belts and other leather products last longer and look better.  Highly recommended.

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5 of 5 Amazing Stuff August 16, 2017
Reviewer: Dalvin Bermudez from Dover Plains, NY United States  
This is the only product I will ever use on my leather boots! Before I knew anything about leather care, I used to just wear my boots until they started cracking. A friend of mine told me to try Obenaufs out as he swore by it. After the second application, there was no turning back. The leather just absorbs the stuff making it soft and supple, bringing new life back into the boot. Water is not a problem anymore as the LP makes it roll off the boot. the stuff even smells great too! Periodically, I will rub some on the inside of my boots to prevent foul stench. Since using Obenaufs, I have found a new love for leather boots again. So much that I now Have 9 pairs of quality made leather boots that still look as good as the day I bought them. Its always a joy when boot care day comes around and I get to see the new life being restored to my leather boots after an application of Obenaufs LP.

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