Heavy Duty Leather Preservative Waxed Boot Laces Waterproofing Spray Combination Packages

Quality Leather Conditioning Products

Obenauf's is well-known for their quality leather conditioning products made with natural ingredients. Often refered to as, "obenaufs lp boot preservative", Heavy Duty LP has become a favorite for work boots, often doubling the service life. Our Leather Oil brings life back to dry, brittle leather. The natural oils and beeswax formula of both of these Leather Preservatives (LP), reinforces leather fibers against scuffing and waterproofs while still allowing leather to breathe. Obenauf's quality leather conditioning products are guaranteed to be the best treatment for your leather!

Obenauf's Is Committed To Caring For Your Footwear

You will find more than leather conditioning products for your footwear here at obenaufs.com. Bring home a pair of our waxed boot laces for your favorite hiking and work boots. For footwear that needs waterproofing but doesn't require a preservative, use our waterproofing spray, Water Shield. Dress boots and shoes can benefit from a quick touchup with Obenauf's Instant Shine. Wondering where you can find a natural cleaner? Cleanit Leather Cleaner is a sulfate free, non-detergent liquid soap. Proudly made in Idaho, USA!